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Ill intent holds no prejudice. It does not care whether you are a small business or a corporate franchise location; criminals seize any malicious opportunity that presents itself. At Mountain States Security, Inc., we are steadfastly dedicated to protecting the sanctity of your property. Our licensed professionals are expertly trained in all aspects of security.  Whether you are a world-renowned celebrity or an everyday shopping center, we treat all security needs with the utmost diligence.


On Site Security

As a responsible business owner, your top priority is the proper functioning of your establishment. Your worries should only extend to your numbers, products, and more.

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Cash In Transit Security

A moving vehicle tends to be less secure than a brick-and-mortar store. The fact that only so many security officers can fit into one car automatically makes them a high-value target.

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Special Event Security

Every host wants their meaningful celebrations to go off without a hitch. Accommodating your guests, managing the decorations and food, and handling the security at your function should be done by a company you know and trust.

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If you do business in an area where theft and vandalism run rampant, you may benefit from our impeccable on site security services. Sometimes, a show of force is all you need to deter a would-be crime. In the case that a crime does occur, our company works efficiently with local police departments to ensure that perpetrators are swiftly caught and dealt with.

Banks and other high-end businesses often transfer valuable items from one location to another. When your cargo involves banknotes, coins, and cash, you want to leave absolutely nothing to chance. With Mountain States Security, Inc., you get more than guaranteed safe transit; you gain peace of mind. In addition, our personnel are trained to spot threats and make the necessary adjustments.

Lastly, we provide amazing special event security for densely-populated or extremely prestigious occasions. Hire the professionals at Mountain States Security, Inc. and experience the highest standard of safety. We are the premier security company in Rapid City, South Dakota.

Our company and officers are licensed, bonded, and insured.